January Exhibitions

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11 enero, 2021

We wish you a fresh start of the year 2021! In this year, the gallery will keep its aim to represent and promote the talent of our times, national and international, and be committed to our artists to showcase their talent and spread their art. In our first exhibitions of the year we exhibited the artworks by Jorge Nava, Max Cobalto and Jordi Alcaraz.

In our XL Space we exhibited the new artworks by Jorge Nava, a Spanish artist whose art draws influences from the American abstract expressionism represented by artists like John McLaughlin. With this exhibition, Nava underscores the present state of a long personal and creative process he passed through, evolving from the organic forms of his primary phases to the geometrical abstraction of the current one. Now, Jorge’s paintings are characterised by forms such as squares, circles and rectangles, a limited chromatic palette. and the use a of a new language based on lines and dots. Elements contrasted with each other by applying two different colours in the motives (bicromía), all underpinning this new abstract stage the artist has begun.

Minimalism to the highest extent that pose a different way on how the artist approaches art and its own expression. This time advocating for purer and more formal depictions with canvases that keep on conveying a harmony expanded through the exhibition space achieving a feeling of perfect order and balance.

Without leaving out Abstract art, the L Space housed the new original artworks by our represented artist Max Cobalto. A presentation which gave collectors, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs an opportunity to look into his paintings in order to resolve the riddle surrounding him (or her): their identity. Because «Max Cobalto» is, in fact, the personal project started by a well-known artist, whose name will be revealed at the end of this venture.
The reason lying behind this aura of mystery, is the intention of the artist to go out of the box and explore new artistic paths, radically opposed to the ones they usually nurture. This alter ego has the aim to reconsider his art and seek for an unlike language and style, experimenting with the white canvas, like sort of  tabula rasa. Thus, everything is possible in Max’s world, and the barriers of the conceptual and compositional are tore down with splashes of colour intuitively painted. This is in fact the key, the clue the solve this artsy mystery.

If we questioned «What’s colour» with Claudia Valsells in the previous month, in January we could have named the M Space project «What’s painting», since we exhibited a selection of unique oeuvres by Miguel Angel Molina.
The Spanish artist delves, indeed, into the meaning of painting, as a process and as a format. Is it colour what gives meaning to the painting, or is it the physic and virtual framing we build around it? The answer for Molina is clear, painting has its own identity, and of right claims a physical presence. Therefore, this concept pushes the limits of our knowledge and appreciation when we are in front of an artwork.

Images of Jorge Nava solo exhibition at our XL Space:

Jorge Nava Solo Exhibition

Jorge Nava Solo Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

Images of Max Cobalto presentation at the L Space:

Max Cobalto Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery Max Cobalto Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery

Images of Miguel Angel Molina project at the M Space:

Miguel Angel Molina Exhibition at Alzueta GalleryMiguel Angel Molina Exhibition at Alzueta Gallery


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