France, 1983


France, 1983

BENKA opposes mankind ́s dangerous game of underestimating the consequences of AIs. Whether it is the digitization of our social relations through the invasion of smartphone screens, the progressive introduction of humanoids such as Aida, Sophia or Erica and cyber-surveillance, our contemporary society is facing a decisive mutation. His artistic approach aims to expose the question of the robotization of our world. If we are still very far from a war against robots, our time calls in his opinion to the questioning of our relationship to artificial intelligence.

If A.I. has a considerable advantage in fields such as medicine or astronomy, on the other hand, it presents many drawbacks and raises both questions and concerns. These numbers and letters in his paintings are captchas. These captchas are interpreted by BENKA and transformed into a symbol of his artistic struggle.

Benka is an artist who talks about identity. In a world where individuals are increasingly anonymous, his work tells us that there are codes that identify us. The use of letters, numbers, colors and small shapes, generate an infinite combination of identities impossible to supplant. Benka becomes the alchemist, the mathematician who solves impossible formulas, the physicist who tells us about balances and combinations? With all this he manages to create a personal and absolute art that interrelates perfectly with the tradition of abstract art and especially with the informalism of the 1950s. To approach BENKA’s work is to access a new space of knowledge, it is to discover the alphanumeric code that opens the safe where the sensibility and the search for pure art nests.


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Painted with vulgarity, Galerie Dantendorfer, Vienna, Austria (2022)
Virtual Insanity, Galerie Dantendorfer, Austria (2021)
CAPTCHA, Galerie Kaysser, Germany (2020)
Take a look at your reflection, Galerie Kaysser, Germany (2018)
You’d better shoot the robot first, Galerie Z 22, Germany (2018)

WAY OUT, Grange Gallery, Cernay-les-Reims, France (2020)
Kunst Salon, Galerie Kaysser, Ruhpolding, Germany (2020)
Kunst Salon, Galerie Kaysser, Ruhpolding, Germany (2019)
Aus der Strömung 4, KUNST BLOCK BALVE, Munich, Germany (2019)
Armer Sammler, Berlin, Germany (2018)
Autodidakt, Kunstarkaden, Munich, Germany (2017)

ART KARSLRUHE, Galerie Z22, Karslruhe, Germany (2022)
POSITIONS ART FAIR, Galerie Z22, Berlin, Germany (2021)
ART KARSLRUHE, Galerie Z22, Karslruhe, Germany (2020)
Discovery Art Fair, Galerie Z22, Cologne, Germany (2019)
Discovery Art Fair, Galerie Z 22, Frankfurt, Germany (2018)
Art Salzburg Contemporary, Galerie Z 22, Salzburg, Austria (2018)
MUNICH ART HOUSE, self-representation, Munich, Germany (2018)
Kunstmesse Leipzig, self-representation, Leipzig, Germany (2017)
Contemporary Art Ruhr, Galerie Z 22, Essen, Germany (2017)
ARTMUC, self-representation, Munich, Germany (2017)
Discovery Art Fair, Galerie Z 22, Berlin, Germany (2017)
Discovery Art Fair, self-representation, Cologne, Germany (2017)